Precious Possessions

Giving you peace of mind that your possessions are covered in the event of any unforeseen loss or damage. This is what we do, Cambridge Insurance Brokers can have you resting easy knowing your possessions are covered.

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Nominating a Sum

Do you know the sum insured of your home? For more information see below including a free link to the Cordell Calculator.

It's important to ensure an adequate sum insured is nominated for your home replacement sum insured. A Market Value is not an accurate way of establishing an adequate replacement sum insured for your property. The sum Insured nominated for your home needs to cover all costs associated with the rebuild of a home, including Demolition, Removal of Debris, Professional Fees and much more.

Insurance Valuation

We recommend obtaining an "Insurance Valuation" on the Dwelling to ensure an accurate replacement sum insured is set, alternatively Insurers have developed a Calculator to assist you in establishing a sum insured. The calculator requires the input of various details and information, which is then compiled to provide a rebuild figure for your home.